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Quality guarantee

We are a member of the VeBON, the Society of Outdoor Enterprises in the Netherlands. The VeBON advises and supports its members in organizing sportive activities and holidays. The VeBON membership is a guarantee for quality.


Customer focus and service come first with VeBON companies. Our employees make great efforts to see that their sportive arrangements run smoothly. In case of special wishes we shall be pleased to set up a tailor-made program.


VeBON members offer you clear information. In our brochures we univocally state the content of the arrangement, the price and the minimum number of participants We use general conditions that have been specially developed for outdoor sports. Our participants receive extensive instructions about the program, the material and the techniques.


Outdoor sports offer risks. We therefore make great efforts to restrict these. VeBON members are obliged to formulate a safety plan analyzing the risks to the participants and instructors, every year. External experts advise the members and test the quality of the safety plan.

Expert instructors

Outdoor activities require expert guidance. Therefore the VeBON members pay much attention to the selection and additional training of their instructors. They are employed for longer periods of time, which prevents knowledge and experience from being wasted. The VeBON is exerting itself to achieve the institution of internationally recognized certificates for outdoor instructors soon.

Good materials

Participants in outdoor activities must be able to rely on the material. With VeBON members the quality of the material is decisive for all purchases. All materials are frequently checked and in case of doubt about their technical condition they are immediately discarded.

Care for nature

VeBON companies respect nature and the environment. Objectionable things like garbage left behind, noise pollution and damage to trees or shrubs are prevented. Should any damage arise accidentally, then this is mended as well as possible.

Green & Safe Guarantee

VeBON companies offer you the Green & Safe guarantee. This guarantee is a promise that we deal with the safety of our participants and the surroundings in which our activities take place as carefully as possible.

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